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Privacy Policy

The Kondinin Group privacy policy

Your privacy and the privacy of your personal information are important to Kondinin Group.

Kondinin Group considers its membership database to be its most valuable asset and the privacy of its contents are guaranteed the highest possible protection and security. Kondinin Group keeps, maintains and uses personal information in accordance with the 10 National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act.

Any personal information collected, is kept strictly confidential and it can only be accessed by authorised staff from within Kondinin Group.

Kondinin Group does not allow third parties access to their membership database. We do not sell personal information. We do not collect sensitive information. Where third parties are contracted to provide a service to Kondinin Group members such as bulk mailing houses, a confidentiality agreement is entered into between Kondinin Group and the third party.

Why do we collect personal information?

Kondinin Group collects personal information about members for the purpose of providing them with a product or service of their choice and for the ongoing administration and management of that product or service. Kondinin Group carefully protects member information to ensure privacy is maintained.

How do we collect this information?

We only collect information by legitimate means. Generally information is collected directly over the telephone, through completed surveys, applications and order forms either paper-based via mail or electronically through the internet.

What if you choose not to provide us with this information?

In general, the nature of our business means that if you do not provide us with the personal information, we will be unable to administer and manage the product or service which you have requested.

Does anyone else have access to my personal information?

The Kondinin Group membership database is password protected and can only be accessed by authorised personnel. Names and addresses of members are passed onto Kondinin Groups contracted mailing house, who have signed a confidentiality agreement.

How secure is my information?

The membership database is held on an internal server that cannot be accessed externally via the internet or other telecommunications systems. All Kondinin Group electronic systems are backed up daily and held in a secure off-site location.
All hard copy surveys are archived and stored securely. Survey data, which is entered into the membership database, is only used for research and statistical support in the preparation of Kondinin Group publications. Responses to Kondinin Group surveys will remain anonymous unless express permission is provided by the respondent.

Can I have access to my personal information?

Kondinin Group members may request a copy of any and all personal details held in the membership database by contacting the privacy officer during office hours on 1800 677 761. We will endeavour to get a written copy of any information we hold to you within five working days.

What if I have a complaint?

If you are not happy with the written summary we provide or you think a breach of your privacy may have occurred, you may ask us for an internal review of the information we hold.

If you are not satisfied with our decision you can direct a written complaint to the Federal Privacy Commissioner at:

Federal Privacy Commissioner 
GPO Box 5218 
Sydney NSW 1042 
Phone toll free: 1300 363 992 
TTY: 1800 620 241 
Email: privacy@privacy.gov.au


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