Kondinin Group - Independent Information for Agriculture

Kondinin Group was established in the town Kondinin, Western Australia in 1955 by a group of information-hungry farmers.

Over the past 60 years Kondinin Group has grown to become one of Australia’s largest independent farm improvement groups with a total of 8,000 readers across Australia helping drive the Kondinin Group research agenda.

Via the annual National Agricultural Survey, members have the opportunity to guide the research programme. This ensures Kondinin Group research, published through Farming Ahead, provides farmers with accurate, practical, unbiased and useful information.

Kondinin Group research offers the only independent and comprehensive assessment of farm machinery, equipment, technology and rural services available to Australian farmers.

According to the National Agricultural Survey, 67% of members have used the research information published in Farming Ahead to improve their farm practices and drive productivity.

Kondinin Group prides itself as a trusted partner to the Australian agricultural community and is dedicated to providing “Independent Information for Agriculture”.

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